by James O’Shea


Working with recycled materials

With a current social and political focus on our relationship with environment I thought it would be interesting to start working with recycled materials. In the past my work has always been contained to canvas or screen, either acrylic painting or photographic prints. Through late-night-scrolls through Pinterest I developed an urge to develop my work into a more 3 Dimentional sphere. My first ‘Untitled’ piece was made from an old wooden kitchen cabinet and legs from a bed frame. the thought of burnt wood was an interesting idea…

made by the Earth and burnt by man.”

There are many ancient stories of mans relationship with fire and I wanted to express my own, the burnt wood sits at the centre of what could be described as an altar, four pillars wrapped in rope support it. We work as a species to advance our relationship with technology but what we’re departing from is the very nature of our being, in almost every culture the relationship with the earth is forever sacred, and should be at the centre of our conscious.

The bottle represents our sins, our demons, our destructive nature. The intoxicated state, where we bombarde ourselves with images of perfection and aspirations of wealth and power. The worn surface of ‘Untitled’ is the foundation to where we place ourselves in the world and what burdens we carry from birth.

The ceramic vase represents the mother, the nurturer. Not only does she protect the old Nikau tusk but she also offers a habitat to nurture new life, to raise consciousness from her womb.

This is the first work in my recycled series that I am currently developing, it will be an venture of creativity that I hope people will connect to.